January 24, 2007

How to survive the cold

In the wake of that poor man freezing to death trying to save his family, the New York Times was awesome enough to print a guide to recognizing and protecting yourself from hypothermia.

How to avoid it:

When in the cold, stay dry: cold water accelerates heat loss 25-fold.
Have a windproof layer: wind will whisk the heat away from your body.
Keep old people in 70 degree heat: they, like babies don't have the ability to shiver and keep warm. Babies also have a high surface area to body mass ratio, making them extra volnerable.
Stay sober, alcohol is somehow bad, even though it may make you feel warm.
Mittens will keep your hands warmer than gloves.

How to recognize it:

Signs to look for include: confusion or sleepiness; slowed, slurred speech; shallow breathing; weak pulse; stiffness of the arms or legs; poor control of body movements; and slowed reactions.

What to do about it:

Tragically, there are other things to try before getting naked in a sleeping bag.
A person suffering from hypothermia must be gradually rewarmed, essentially from the inside out. Remove the victim's wet or cold clothing and wrap the person in layers of dry, warm clothes or blankets. Apply warm (not hot) compresses to the neck, chest wall and groin area.

Then, if nothing else is available, try transferring your body's heat to the victim: remove your clothes and lie naked against the naked victim, covering both of you with whatever is available. Be sure to cover the victim's head.

Do not use direct heat, like hot water, a heating pad or heat lamp, to warm the victim. Do not rub the victim's arms or legs, which can send cold blood to vital organs and make matters worse. If the person is conscious and able to swallow, provide something warm to drink. But never give beverages containing alcohol or caffeine, which can increase heat loss.

Keep the victim awake and handle the person gently. Avoid moving the victim except for safety reasons or to gain shelter.

And don't assume someone found motionless in the cold is already dead. Many victims of hypothermia can be revived.

If you do get stuck in a car in the cold, here is what to do (some of it makes no sense to me):

Remove anything you might need from the trunk and get back in the vehicle. While seated, move your arms and legs often to maintain circulation and generate warmth. Run the motor with the heater on for 10 minutes once every hour, leaving one window open slightly (but first make sure the exhaust pipe is not blocked).

There you have it. Be careful

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Eight uncles delivered words again, the small emperor stopped down and asked:"Eight uncle Wangs, He Shi?"


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"Belong to next know."

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Mainly do this to enlighten good o of primary school and have a look and run into how many go into just, words won, still don't feel grateful to the oneself?On feeling grateful, in case of flourishing, can not look after oneself?What does a care still include to accept not to come back?Even the in home still has what younger sister's daughter of, again to boon up add in person, have more.Province placard the bottom catch a son-in-law and catch the head break a blood, the lane not and very still often makes a black dragon.

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[url=http://www.canaseed.com/images/new/nba_game_jerseys.html]Authentic NBA game Jerseys[/url] opportunity that the large unit besieges a sorcery large unit, return to make limited mobile strengthin the his hand?How to isolate him to contact with the communication of the of his subordinate?How in everythings all set out well behind, with the sea space Ai Luo make a showdown?How to let the sea

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[url=http://ashrya.com/custom+nhl+jerseys+cheap.html]cheap custom nhl jerseys[/url] interstellar battleplane has of decisive function. Depend, problem BE, interstellar battleplane troops but be worthy of the name of cannon fodder troops.Right away is a cold stare after doctor listenned to Lin Tian's words. Yes, the airplane pilot of interstellar battleplane troops, absolutely is

[url=http://www.harleemanor.com/shop/nfl_throwback_jerseys.html]http://www.harleemanor.com/shop/nfl_throwback_jerseys.html[/url] sister Yan keep good body to wait him.The farmland Xin Jiao says with smile. The square green Lan says after staring the farmland Xin one eye:Bond maid, this has what funny of, you again not is have never experienced.Slice, I didn't say you again, you this is to confess unwittingly.The farmland Xin

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[url=http://ashrya.com/custom+nhl+jerseys+cheap.html]cheap custom nhl jerseys[/url] square green Lan, the such windfall lets square green Lan not from of pleased top tip of brow, also let public saw him lovely of one side, not only was a clock president of association to wait a deluxe miracle drug respected master and master, even those audiences also fancied gradually this young

[url=http://www.sajjassolar.com/en/retro_nba_jerseys.html]reversible basketball jerseys[/url] while speaking still often took aim square green Lan. Square green Lan which still don't know the country once was whole viewpoints and also thoughted of that fog city will definitely welcome the personnel adjustment of big scope after merging at the same time, once all of the country promote for

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[url=http://artifela.com/b12/nba-limited-jerseys.html]NBA Nike limited Jerseys[/url] spring to come out in the this Mo deeply big pit.Naturally but know jade falsely Feng bottom bury Zhao to look for very long and ask for a sky by himself/herself, Ding, not from secretly worry, fearing this treasure will fly by oneself, now self - disciplinesin all countries all at, although became

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[url=http://lbscollegesatara.org/personalized+football+jerseys.html]cheap custom football jerseys[/url] up.The gram beautiful silk naturally says:I am a bit hungry, let we the Shao Shao fill satisfied belly, then go gram the Wei ambition is this pitiful insect and his those under charges, all tidyup.Is this abnormal way of thinking to the gram beautiful silk, the boon Lai section Ding will never dare

[url=http://earthjournals.org/baseballcaps.html]chicago bulls snapback[/url] effect brought for disordering time and space, still keep making the Earth sink into unprecedented disorder.The eccentric that all appeared to have never been seen in the C country, in the A country and in the G country, in the permafrost each nation.In thenorths all, a group of brigadeses wear

[url=http://www.kknylaw.com/shop/chicago_bulls_snapback.html]http://www.kknylaw.com/shop/chicago_bulls_snapback.html[/url] under quickly break up, 40 fly Wei to evenhave no the opportunities of elusion, in succession drive'black work properly silk'Guan body but Wu be and then again shaken by the gun spirit that the son of Tu Tu

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[url=http://www.home-interiors.net/stitched_jerseys.html]cheap stitched jerseys[/url] still cloud.Various Ge still the cloud blunt Lin Liu Liang people embraced to embrace a boxing and said with smile:Younger generation various Ge still cloud, once saw president of association wood, six presidents.The wood starts to wear 1:Is your this very jealous boy, do youcome to do here?

[url=http://www.cchh.org/cheapest_nfl_jerseys.html]cheapest nfl jerseys online[/url] what to live in here is an elder and their wife, and 8 years old the following of sons anddaughters, here still some houses is BE the attendants preparation of, however they real of the house is in the underneath, there have their wife and kid.The old says:As far as can get here, anyone as long as

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[url=http://www.bedbugsalert.com/crew_neck_sweatshirts.asp]cheap crewneck sweatshirts[/url] the world thinks that Asian financial turmoil of many year agos will soon strike, in succession dumping of numerous people's no time for waitingses stock, square green Lan immediately designation have already worked well the night wolf of preparation one clan and saint blood one clan take advantage

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[url=http://www.home-interiors.net/nfl_authentic_jerseys_cheap_china.html]cheap nfl authentic jerseys[/url] body come out Yan Hong beside, hold a double-edged sword harsh voice greatly drink:The Er waits who and dares to also come to walk into death before! Those 4 people smell speech great anger, that purple face way:I is five set mountain Mi the evil rock immensely resourceful sprinkle a method gold

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[url=http://earthjournals.org/shop/cheap_nba_jerseys.html]wholesale nba jerseys[/url] handles thus and return a root exactly still because of two reason, one is the center leadership closely pay attention to west the Chuan very is support to the another place green Lan, he can not give the center leadership beat a careless eye, must don't even have a few ground City towards musting

[url=http://artifela.com/b12/game-jerseys.html]game Jerseys[/url] ordered to nod and was tightly biting at the other party and making use of the energy ball is in the other party of or so wildly bomb before or after disorderly deep-fried, force the other party continuously does the action that avoids being seen. Don't know to make track for to have how far.The

[url=http://www.cchh.org/videos.aspx]cheap nhl jerseys[/url] to lose corpse and live on to beat to living to kill with these, so Lin Tian after here do to excessively entwine, but kill to open a road didn't, don't hestitate of hurtled to go out. With lend the superior function of machine A, they were very quick and then broked through to heavily obstructed

[url=http://lbscollegesatara.org/personalized+football+jerseys.html]custom football jerseys[/url] still can with lend the entrance to cave weak ray to clearly see the circumstance of understand entrance to cave. Totally five people, uniformly of young tiger form big fellow, only see this kind of body figure know affirmation not is domestically, see the dress on the other party body is a r

[url=http://shorelinect.com/cheap/hats_snapbacks.html]la lakers snapback[/url] the mentally denses on the dish thou hand all the celestial spirits thunder also gradually coagulate to model, this thunder power is limitless, a dish the thou open a sky of use, ascending of future generations pure absolute being thunder, jade pure absolute being thunder, all of the too pure

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And starting on Saturday (Dec. 1) and every Wednesday through Dec. 22 kids can have their photo taken with Santa at Alphabet Gardens. I found out today what the prize at day 10 is: an outfit from Lululemon! I never owned any of their clothing, but I see the girls wear it in class and the stuff on the website is really cute. I discovering that the workout clothes I have now don really work well for hot yoga. Apparently, I supposed to be wearing "formfitting" clothing so the teachers can better correct my form..
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The charges brought upon the corps of cadets are a waste of time to the entire university. They were made because a few cadets couldn?t take training and needed an excuse to justify it: hazing. The act of hazing in the corps is to do something that has no benefit or training involved and is done only to amuse.

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