November 25, 2014 07:56 AM | cunctator

Intertidal Sporulated

Salinity also affected sporulation of Rhodocharton, with the somewhat expected result that clones from the uppermost intertidal sporulated better in lower salinities than did a clone from the mid-intertidal and these responses remained constant over long periods in culture, which suggests a genetically stable character.


November 15, 2014 11:40 AM | cunctator

Seniors' Television Workshop

This country desperately needs public-oriented programming for senior citizens in the model of the Children's Television Workshop, where psychologists, sociologists, and political scientists advise on creating must-watch television for seniors that assists in their development. Right now we only have Fox News and the like, teaching seniors to be fearful, bigoted hoarders.

November 8, 2014 01:39 AM | cunctator

Too Many Cooks

Wonder Showzen
Tim and Eric Bedtime Stories
Heart She Holler
Laser Cats
David Firth's Salad Fingers
Robert Benfer
The Midnight Show: Immortal Dog, Google Glass
Waverly Films: Pick Up The Phone, Floating Head
Fatal Farm
Lasagna Cat
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Banana Phone Flash Animation
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf
Coupon - The Movie
Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule
Beyond the Black Rainbow
Altered States

October 6, 2014 10:29 AM | cunctator

Bear Kittay, ‎Burning Man's Social Alchemist & Global Ambassador, Harvey and Goodell bro
Tim West, chef
Mike "Doc" North, ReAllocate
Sandra Kwak, ReAllocate CEO
Leah Hunter

Krishna Kitchen, caterer for Opulent Temple, Ideate
Sanivation, solar-powered toilets

2012 Memorial Day retreat at Avalon
Bear Kittay
Larry Harvey
Marian Goodell
Luke Nosek, PayPal founder
Evan Steiner, Hub Bay Area
Michael Woods
Mellissa Seaman

Alexandra Liss
Dara Dotz
ZiV Marom
Bill Landers
Timothy Lipton
Ashley Dara
Tam Hunt
Cassandra Vieten
Dean Radin
Arnaud Delorme
Claudia Welss
Adam Curry
Chetan Nandakumar
Matthew O. Brimer, General Assembly

RNG Laser
Blue Sky - drone shipping
Nick Molnar

Naureen Nayyar
Christopher Pruijsen

Greg Delaune, UIX Global
James “Biggie Stardust” Hanusa, UIX Global
Nellie Bowles
Ryan Kushner
Amanda Joy Ravenhill
Dan Fredinburg
Ashley Arenson
Julian Davis
Shana Rappenport
Timothy Lipton
Tirza Lyn Hollenhorst
Satya Kamdar
Evan Steiner
Carlos Schultz
Rosie Lila, Burning Man
Jeffrey Colton Kraft
Edward Zaydelman, Puera a la Vida
Josh Gelfand
Mac Murphy
Brandon Bosch
Ian-Michel Hebert

Singularity University
Camp Bayesian Conspiracy

September 18, 2014 12:28 AM | cunctator


This list is not official or canonical. Send tips/corrections to

Caravancicle (Caravansicle, Popsicle Camp), Lost Hotel (Lost Lounge Hotel), Sinbad's Oasis

Jim Tananbaum (JT, Jimmy T), Foresite Capital
Ari Derfel, restaurateur
Zak Brazen, creative director, George P Johnson
Scott Mahoney, architect (Lost Lounge)
Sheida Jafari, Adar Partners
Charles Mui, Megas CEO
Adam Businger
Stephen Brooks, Punta Mona, Kopali Organics, Envision Festival; hired as Virgin Orienter


Jenny Sauer-Klein, artistic director, Wanderlust (and Haley & Doug Winter & KT Nelson, co-founder, ODC/Dance)
Frederick Schilling, Big Tree Farms co-CEO
Aline Kras, photographer
Luiza Florence, reporter, producer Planeta Brasil
Frank Luis Scura, Scura Speed & Technology
Ryan & Jeremy Black, Sambazon co-CEOs
Sasa Watt, Jamie's Jerky
Erin Schrode, Teens Turning Green
Joshua Scott Onysko, Pangea Organics
Kenny Morrison
David Holtze, Green Truck
Natasha Morse
Keith Crutchfield, Flaregun Finder, Magnolia Memoir
Amhed Rahim, Numi Organic Tea
Mista Ox, DJ
Goloka Bolte
Alan Polsky
Matt Nordgren, "Most Eligible Dallas"
Matt Bilinsky
Jay Luchs
Courtney Reum, VeeV
Halle Reum
Joe Gasparik/Aaron Landman, Media Bird, photographers
Beril Gulcan, photographer

Pals of Stephen Brooks:
Tim West, Cerealize, Ideate
Nick Morgan, Rex Foundation board
David Karr
Paul Gedulgig
David Sugalski, The Polish Ambassador
Tyler Blank, One Breath Arts
Eric Fenster, Gather, Verbena, and Dovetail restaurants
Jeff Mendelsohn, founder, New Leaf Paper
Cristina Kalyani Paes
David Klements
Bear Kittay
Katiana Williams
Vir McCoy
Daniel Pinchbeck
Keila Cameron, model

Mistresses of Merriment:
Jennifer Timmons
Megan Somerville, Three HeartZ, Polyamory
Kristine Studden, makeup artist
Bella Hunter, singer
Selin Stone
Serenity Star/Wonderbug, DJ @1wonderbug
Amber Nicole Diehl, model
Kaila Mardoyan
Alethea Allen, actress
Aradia Julia Sunseri, dancer
Tiare Tashnick (NagaSita), dancer
Brandy Pollack, Limerence Lingerie
Alyssa Arce, playmate
River Liana Johnson, model

Brooke Ashley Osborn
Beth Lillie
Selena Lael Magram, massage therapist

Christian Voldstad, DJ
Isaiah Martin, DJ
Lexel, DJ
Corey Baker, DJ

Public party Friday night: In the mood for a dirty love story.

Colin Krisel, artist
Laura Sandler, screenwriter
Allan Loeb, screenwriter

Lost Hotel
Scott Mahoney
Sheida Jafari, Adar Partners
Joey Rubin, Adar Partners, 12:30 Gold

Stan Erker
Irina Lazar
Lisa De Narvaez
Adam Benjamin, Wilshire Hospitality
Biljana Milasin, photographer
Yoonj Kim, journalist and model
Carlito Dalceggio, painter
Sam Koshfam, photographer
Philippe Bialobos, photographer
Daniel Band

Apoorv Mehra, aka Swami Harami, DJ
Robert Wagenknecht, aka Miyagi, DJ
David Loomstein, akaLoomer, DJ
Adam Ohana, aka An-Ten-Nae, DJ (Friday at 3 pm)
divaDanielle, DJ (Thursday at 4:30 pm)

Sinbad's Oasis
Adam Krim, Confluence Group



The Story of Wasilla
The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green. . .

2007 Burning Man DJs
The authoritative unofficial sound camp schedule and map for the Green Man.

The Scourge of Wikipedia
This is such a long tale of lies and confused "WIKI's".

Foley Moley
Mark Foley, family values Republican, introduced and cosponsored legislation designed to eliminate child pornography and exploitive child modeling web sites. He also happens to have a thing for underage boys himself.

Burning Man 2006
A detailed report from the field at Burning Man 2006.

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Babies . . . the other white meat.



Tape babies, meter pops, oh my!


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